The charm of "things without age"

Tradition thought back over

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The “Ceramica Cotto di Minturno”, during twenty years of activity, thanks to a very patient research and testing, has managed to achieve a skilful capability to work the clay for the production of material for floors and coatings. The awareness of being heirs of a millenary tradition regarding the local ceramics and of operating in a sector that, still today, is the keeper of ancestral charm, has stimulated us to work seriously trying to do our best day after day.
The craftsmen of ancient Minturnae used earth, water and fire, exactly as we do nowadays, to produce this material that still contains, in its warmth and simplicity, all the characteristics of the primitive strength of nature.



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Our products, which are the result of the union of natural elements and craftmade skill, still keep the charm of “things without age”. Going back to our origin makes us feel more motivated in doing our job, not only for a deep self interest, but also as a sign of love towards our country that is full of history, culture and tradition.









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